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  • Tena
    A familiar story! I have warts after pregnancy. I tried to get rid of myself, I took him to the salon, only scars remained and the warts were no longer small, but only new ones appeared
  • Matea
    Yes, I have it after visiting the salon several times. A friend was able to remove papillomas so that they are no longer visible. I ask how? REMOVIO turned out to be using. I couldn't find it in pharmacies, I'm glad I wrote your article! Politics
  • Anita
    Removio definitely helps, but patience is required for large and old warts. When I tried it for the first time, it had no effect. Then after a while I tried it for the second time, with a longer course. It works very well, I advise. I advise anyone who does not help, try again.
  • Ana
    I really couldn't believe it! To my surprise, it got darker, I probably stopped applying for a week and started tearing apart and tearing and tearing and tearing and tearing and tearing and tearing and tearing and tearing and tearing and tearing and tearing and tearing. Underneath all this is clean skin. Of course, I still put it in an office, so to speak! Buy and try! Rimovio!
  • Martina
    A dermatologist, Rimovio, wrote to me and told me to apply it every day for 3 consecutive weeks. Now 3 weeks have passed, I did it in general: I steamed my feet, rubbed a document for my feet, then applied ointment, plastered and kept for a day, a day later I steamed again and every day. The skin begins to peel and the wart is reduced.
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